New conservation trust holds potential


The province will create a $102-million Conservation Trust Fund intended to support the goals and objectives of our provincial climate strategy, particularly those related to conserving ecosystems and using natural solutions — such as restoring wetlands — to improve water quality.

Kinwow, Sturgeon and Fisher Bays: A Healthy Future for Lake Winnipeg!

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The Kinwow and Sturgeon Bay park reserves have been in interim protection since 2001. Nominated for protection by Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation, the Manitoba government is asking us if we want these areas to be permanently protected from industrial developments by designating them as wilderness-class provincial parks.

Fisher Bay: Protecting Crucial Habitat for Manitoba’s Bats

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Spanning over 800 km2, the Fisher Bay Reserve is located 2 hours north of Winnipeg and sits within a vast stretch of boreal forest. In order to preserve the healthy landscape, the Fisher Bay Provincial Park was established in 2011, keeping the wide range of natural features – from forests, bogs, and beaches – available for an array of wildlife. The park boasts a range of species encompassing white-tailed deer, elk, moose, red fox, and many birds and fish. The land is maintained for recreational use, protecting the wildness from mining, logging, oil, gas, and hydroelectric development. Moreover, by eliminating the impact of industrial developments, critical habitats remain for endangered species such as the piping plover…

Chief David Crate Receives Diamond Jubilee Award

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CPAWS congratulates Chief David Crate of Fisher River Cree Nation for receiving the prestigious Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award. The award was given to him for his many contributions and outstanding service to his community. CPAWS worked with Chief Crate and Fisher River Cree Nation to establish the Fisher Bay provincial park. Our partnership continues in the quest to expand the park boundaries based on ecological, economic, and cultural studies.