Moose in Manitoba Report

An Uncertain Future

From ancient rock paintings to the jerseys of our provincial hockey team, moose are an ever-present symbol of life in Canada.

In Manitoba, their stronghold is in the boreal landscape that makes up 80 percent of this province. As an important keystone species in the forest, moose fulfill an ecological role by influencing plant growth as well as predator and scavenger populations. The are also an important food source and a significant thread in the cultural fabric of many Indigenous communities and help to support food security and local economies.

The best estimate from wildlife experts is that less than 20,000 moose currently roam our woods. That’s down from 45,000 in the 1960s.

Ensuring Healthy Moose Populations

Challenges & Opportunities

Survey Results

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Moose Basics

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Take Action

Save Our Moose

Moose may soon disappear completely from some parts of Manitoba, where the population has dropped by as much as 57 percent. Tell Manitoba's Premier to Save Our Moose.

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We wish to thank the many wildlife experts and knowledge holders who shared their insights as we researched this report.

We wish to express our particular thanks to The Winnipeg Foundation for funding our research and outreach campaign. Our research was also informed by a number of publications, many of which are cited using hyperlinks.


Tramping Lake Pictograph. Photo credit: Stan Milosevic