Outdoor Learning Program

Lesson Plans

These versatile lesson plans are designed to integrate with Manitoba curriculum outcomes for specific grades mentioned on each page below. However,  they can be adapted for all ages — even adults!

Objective: Students will use photography to connect with nature. The images and ideas address what is important, concerning and of interest to the students involved.
Objective: Students will make observations and identify organisms in nature in order to understand biodiversity.
Student in outdoor learning class
Objective: Students are exposed to different areas of science and research methods by conducting field work and observing their environment during a guided walk through a local ecosystem.
Objective: Students will learn about and use GPS technology to find and answer climate change-related questions and discuss nature-based solutions.
Student using pen and notebook for sustainable journalism project.
Objective: Students will play the role of "sustainable investigative journalist" and create individual newspaper articles that can be compiled into a class newspaper.
Grass in Assiniboine Forest.
Objective: Students will create plans to green their schoolyard or community, which can be presented to school administration.
Burrowing owl
Objective: Students will learn about food chains and how they can be imbalanced by human impacts, using the example of a local species at risk, the Burrowing Owl.
Sunset over a lake in the Whiteshell
Objective: Students will learn how to work together to take action on climate change and about Canada's role in the Paris Agreement.
Leaf, twigs and moss
Objective: Students will practise mindfulness and wellness in nature, learning simple meditation and grounding techniques.
Path through a forest.
Objective: Students will investigate and observe sights and sounds of natural elements and living things in a local ecosystem.
Close up of tree needles.
Objective: Students will learn how to identify trees, tally trees in their neighbourhood and create an art piece inspired by trees.
Sun shining through trees in a forest.
Objective: Students will learn about trees native to Manitoba then share their findings with small groups.