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Litter Challenge

Children Learn Value of Public Service and Protecting the Environment With Litter Cleanup Challenge

Clean up litter in your neighborhood during the CPAWS Manitoba Spring or Fall Litter Challenge. 

We’ve prepared all the materials you need to create a fun and educational opportunity for children to get outside and help make their neighbourhood a healthier place to live. And we've got a great way to help them get motivated: a chance to win one of three randomly drawn doughnut prize packs from Oh Doughnuts!

The lesson plan is tied to curriculum outcomes for grades K-12 in science, social studies, and phys ed, but the program will be a great activity for younger children as well.

This contest is open to schools, daycares, and school-aged groups (such as sports team and youth groups) across Manitoba.

Winnipeg-area schools and groups can access free cleanup supplies from Take Pride Winnipeg.

Over 1,100 students from 58 classrooms, after-school programs, and student groups took part in our challenge in the fall and spring of 2021, and again in 2022 and in the spring of 2023. We're hoping many more will step up to the challenge in the years to come.

The best time to clean up litter is in the spring after the snow melts and the fall before the snow falls. However, you are welcome to participate at any time!

We have two annual draws for prize packages: the deadline for the fall package is November 30 and the deadline for the spring package in May 31.

Donuts will be delivered - along with our thanks for your hard work - in time for parties ahead of the winter or summer school breaks.

How to Participate:

    1. Explore the environmental impact of litter by sharing this lesson with your class.
    2. With your class, organize a litter cleanup in your schoolyard or at a local park or greenspace.
    3. Take photos of your great work!
    4. Fill out this entry form with the requested information documenting the groups participation.
    5. Inspire others to participate and double your chance to win! Post about the great work your students did on social media with the hashtag #CPAWSLitterCleanup and tag or mention CPAWS Manitoba in your post! You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you have a private account, please send a screenshot of the post to [email protected].

*Three participating classrooms are randomly selected to win a classroom doughnut party each fall and spring.

Rules and Regulations:

“When we show the little ones how to take care of the land, they naturally follow in our footsteps. The kids love feeling how their actions have value and meaning."
- Alysa Ferguson, Juniper School

“This was a great opportunity for the class to take care of the school and community in a way that tied beautifully into their ecosystem unit.”

- Jenni Presber, Bruce School.

“Cleaning up the litter in our school neighbourhood is always something that I enjoy participating in with students."

- Alexa Nimchuk, Calvin Christian School.


This programming was made possible thanks to the generous support of: The Province of Manitoba’s Building Sustainable Communities Program; The Conservation Trust, a Manitoba Climate and Green Plan Initiative delivered by the Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation; Eco Canada; The Winnipeg Foundation; TD Friends of the Environment Foundation; Telus Friendly Future Foundation. 

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