CPAWS Fall Litter Challenge 2023:

December 14, 2023

Empowering Students, Transforming Communities

By Katie Borgfjord, Digital Marketing Coordinator

“We are taking care of this beautiful world,” – those were the words of a Grade 2 student at Riverbend School who learned about the environmental impacts of litter and the value of public service while cleaning up their neighbourhood in the CPAWS fall 2023 Litter Cleanup Challenge. 

A total of 144 students from 7 classrooms, after-school programs, and student groups in Winnipeg participated in the CPAWS fall Litter Challenge

Over 1,244 students from 65 classrooms, after-school programs, and student groups took part in our challenge since its inception in 2021! We’re hoping many more will step up to the challenge in the years to come.

“Picking up trash helps the plants and the water. We don’t want to live in a dump!” said Twighla, a grade 1 student, Ecole Julie Riel. 

Educators were provided with a lesson plan tied to curriculum outcomes for grades K-12 in science, social studies, and phys ed and a video lesson to help inspire their students. 

Winnipeg-area schools and groups were also able to access free cleanup supplies from Take Pride Winnipeg.

“It’s important to take care of the Earth for all the kids in the future.” said Lillian, a grade 4 student, Ecole Julie Riel. 

Ecole Julie Riel’s Grade 6 Class enjoying their doughnut prize.

Students and youth participating in the fall 2023 contest cleaned up litter around their school yards, neighbourhoods, community centres and nearby parks. 

“We are helping all the birds by making sure they don’t eat plastic,” said a grade 2 student at Riverbend School.

A big congratulations goes out to Riverbend school, Ecole Julie Riel, and the 99th Girl Guides. 

They were each randomly selected to win a classroom doughnut party from Oh Doughnuts. 

We want to thank the educators who inspired their students to participate in our Litter Cleanup Challenge. Together, we can make a difference!

Learn How to Join the Litter Challenge Here:

The contest is open to schools, daycares, and school-aged groups (such as sports teams and youth groups) across Manitoba.

The best time to clean up litter is in the spring after the snow melts and the fall before the snow falls. However, you are welcome to participate at any time!

We have two annual draws for prize packages: the deadline for the fall package is November 30 and the deadline for the spring package is May 31.

Learn more on the litter challenge home page. 

99th Girl Guides participating in the litter challenge.

Here’s more of what students and educators had to say about their experience with the litter cleanup:

“They want to complete another cleanup in the spring. The kids expressed frustration with what can and cannot be recycled and learned about the patterns in what they see littered in their day-to-day lives,” said Madison Zienkiewicz, Girl Guide leader. 

“Plastic is the worst pollution,” said a grade 3 student at Riverbend School. 

“Picking up litter helps the animals. If there’s trash on the ground, animals can eat it and get sick,” said Milki, a grade 3 student, Ecole Julie Riel. 

“My favourite part of this challenge is to help the earth,” said a 99th Girl Guides Group Member.

“Picking up litter makes our community beautiful.” – Kira, grade 6 student, Ecole Julie Riel.

“Picking up litter helps the plants, the animals, the water, and humans. When we clean up litter, we know the trash won’t end up in the river.” – Nicolette Nuytten, Library Technician at Ecole Julie Riel

“My favourite part of this challenge is to help the earth,” said a 99th Girl Guides group member.

“My favourite part of this challenge is that It’s for a good cause,”said a 99th Girl Guides group member.

“It’s good to know that people are willing to help the environment,” said a 99th Girl Guides group member.

“I learned that nature suffers more than we think,” said a 99th Girl Guides group member.

99th Girl Guides enjoying their doughnut prize.

Thanks again to these educators and groups for participating.

  • Madison Zienkiewicz – 99th Winnipeg Guides-Grades 4-6 Our Shared Planet Program Area
  • Chantelle Gagnon – ​​Riverbend School
  • Joni Tesoro – Ecole Julie-Riel
  • Zoubida Baba Aissa – Ecole Julie-Riel
  • Stephanie Gagnon – Ecole Julie-Riel
  • Dalmie Doerkson – Ecole Julie-Riel
  • Julie Biljardt – Ecole Julie-Riel

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