Province Stalling on Promise to Establish Park

April 20, 2011

First Nation and conservation group say government is six months past deadline

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Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN) and the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) say it’s time for the Manitoba government to quit stalling and designate a Fisher Bay provincial park as they promised to do by October 2010.

“It is important to establish the Fisher Bay park now for the benefit of all Manitobans,” said FRCN Chief David Crate. “The outstanding support for the park gives the province a golden opportunity to protect this ecologically valuable and beautiful area for future generations of people and wildlife.”

Over 18,000 Manitobans, many local communities, politicians of all stripes, and environmental groups have sent letters of support to establish the Fisher Bay park. Manitoba Conservation Minister Bill Blaikie wrote a letter to his own party in support of creating the park in 2007 when he was an NDP Member of Parliament.  Official supporters of establishing Fisher Bay park <https://cpawsmb.orgconservation/fisher-bay-support.

Furthermore, the province’s First Nation and Stakeholder comments review states, “The majority of comments received during the review process support the concept of creating a new provincial park in the Fisher Bay area. Many review meeting participants recognized that a provincial park designation would help protect the region’s natural landscape features and values.”

“The mass and diverse support for establishing this provincial park is unprecedented in Manitoba,” said Ron Thiessen, Executive Director of the CPAWS Manitoba chapter. “Manitobans want the government to get the job done.”

Located 2 hours north of Winnipeg, the Fisher Bay region is home to wildlife such as bears, moose, fox, eagles,  songbirds, ducks, and a variety of rare and endangered species such as the Piping Plover. The picturesque area includes treed shorelines, long sandy beaches, large islands covered with old-growth forests and reefs.

The Province has committed to a Fisher Bay park that would be about twice the size of Winnipeg. Once the park is established, FRCN and CPAWS will pursue efforts to expand the boundaries based on scientific,  cultural, and economic benefits analysis.

“Safeguarding this natural area provides the avenue to diversify the local economy with eco- and cultural tourism while ensuring traditional activities continue to flourish,” Chief Crate added. “The park will make sure wildlife remains healthy and our treaty rights are upheld.”

For more information:

FRCN Chief, David Crate – 204 781 8016
CPAWS Manitoba Executive Director, Ron Thiessen – 204 794 4971

Map of proposed Fisher Bay provincial park –

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