FRCN and CPAWS Celebrate New Fisher Bay Park

July 4, 2011

Leaders of Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN), the Manitoba government, and the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) met at the Legislative buildings today to announce the new Fisher Bay provincial park.

The area was nominated for provincial park status by FRCN in 1999 to protect a representation of the Fisher Bay region’s lands and waters for nature, culture, and sustainable tourism opportunities. In 2005, FRCN formed a partnership with CPAWS to help make the vision a reality.

“After many years of hard work, it’s a joy to be here today to announce park protection for this beautiful and culturally important area,” said FRCN Chief David Crate. “This designation ensures that traditional activities can be maintained on the landscape and people from Manitoba and across the world can visit and enjoy the natural surroundings.”

The Fisher Bay provincial park has received support from politicians of all stripes, local communities, environmental groups, and over 18,000 Manitobans who sent letters to the Premier. FRCN and CPAWS commend the Manitoba government for recognizing the importance of safeguarding the area for future generations.

Download Park Brochure, including Map

“The Fisher Bay park is a sterling example of what can be accomplished when organizations, communities, and governments work together,” said Ron Thiessen, Manitoba executive director of CPAWS. “We congratulate the many thousands of Manitobans who expressed their support for the park. We couldn’t have done this without them.”

With core protection for Fisher Bay now secured, the next challenge for FRCN and CPAWS is to expand the park’s boundaries.The aim is to achieve broader ecological protection for the area based on scientific studies and local knowledge.

Located 2 hours north of Winnipeg on the south basin of Lake Winnipeg, the Fisher Bay region is home to wildlife such as bears, moose, fox, eagles, songbirds, ducks, and a variety of rare and endangered species such as the Piping Plover. The picturesque area includes treed shorelines, long sandy beaches, large islands covered with old-growth forests and reefs. The new Fisher Bay provincial park is 84,150 hectares, or about twice the size of Winnipeg.

FRCN and CPAWS give special thanks to Nature Manitoba and the Wilderness Committee for assisting with building public support.

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Download Park Brochure, including Map

Chief David Crate – 204 – 781 – 8016

Ron Thiessen – 204 – 794 – 4971

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