Keeping water healthy (letter to the Editor)

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We are blessed as a nation with an abundance of fresh water, yet we are squandering this life-giving resource. One only needs to look at the algae blooms menacing Lake Winnipeg to understand that our water stewardship is inadequate.

Re: Strange way to honour World Wetlands Day (Feb. 8)


These initiatives demonstrate that our provincial government has the know-how to become a leader in Canada in the conservation and stewardship of wetlands. The test will be in how this knowledge is implemented on the ground. I look forward to the new legislation and to the boreal conservation policy for wetlands, and sincerely hope they result in effective conservation of this valuable resource.

Boreal lands serve boreal waters


It’s easy to ignore what we don’t see. As terrestrial beings, we rarely have the opportunity to observe the dynamism unfolding in aquatic systems. By extension, it can be difficult to visualize the impacts our actions have on this realm.

Province asks you how parks that support moose and Lake Winnipeg should be managed

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First nominated for protection by Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation, Kinwow and Sturgeon Bay Provincial Parks were officially established along the shores of Lake Winnipeg in 2015. CPAWS supported this effort by facilitating hundreds of letters to the province calling for park designation. Manitoba Sustainable Development has drafted management plans for these protected areas and wants your input before November 19, 2016.

The Boreal is Water


Wetlands, lakes and rivers are not simply IN the Boreal, they ARE the boreal.

New Boreal lands secured for nature in Manitoba


The province today announced the designation of two new provincial parks in the Boreal region as well as the designation or expansion of nine additional ecological reserves and one park.

Take a stand for wetlands


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Start fighting the next flood now


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