Know the North to share their journey at the CPAWS AGM


It’s been a wild ride navigating the conservation challenges and opportunities of a landscape as rich and varied as the Boreal in Manitoba. We are incredibly proud of the conservation successes that we couldn’t have achieved without the generosity and passion for wild nature that our supporters exude. That’s why we want you to join us on November 29th for a celebration of our work and the wild landscapes of Manitoba that continue to inspire us all.

Know the North guest blog #6 – Lessons in Positivity


Our trip this summer was a steep learning curve for me on multiple fronts. (I mean, sure I had paddled before… but 46 straight days of paddling really gave me an opportunity to perfect skills that I may have previously considered to be more than adequate…) To my surprise, the most important lesson that I learned had nothing at all to do with canoeing.

Know the North guest blog #5 – A Land of Stories

MiraNews, Seal River

If you have ever paddled on a seldom-traveled river, you likely know the joy of seeing a rock that has been marked with canoe paint. Rocks donning red, green, and yellow streaks can be found in shallow creeks, at campsite landings, and in eddies along the river. To me, these little splashes of colour have always been reassuring. They suggest that you are on the right path…

Know the North guest blog #4 – Snapshots of the trip!


As the trip’s media coordinator, I have the delight and honour of getting almost daily updates from Know the North. Even 120 characters can paint quite the picture. Here are a few highlights (edited for coherence, grammar, and spelling) from the past two weeks that the trip has been out on the water. Lots of challenges already, and many more to come. But endless rewards.