Know the North guest blog #4 – Snapshots of the trip!

July 18, 2016

As the trip's media coordinator, I have the delight and honour of getting almost daily updates from Know the North. Even 120 characters can paint quite the picture. Here are a few highlights (edited for coherence, grammar, and spelling) from the past two weeks that the trip has been out on the water. Lots of challenges already, and many more to come. But endless rewards.

D2 – still windy – big day – raised RCGS flag. Great headwinds again.

D3 – headwind & rain still killing 40+km days, love life, camped at a 2km set shoot tomorrow! At a lean-to built by Hads in 2014!

D6 – no sun no dark all is grey all day. Headwinds duh. Saw brown bear, black bear, lotsa birds, 39 km, loving life.

D11 – biggest paddle day ever, 14 hours on Partridge River upstream tracking like mad, more to come next 4 days! Pushing physical and mental limits like a boss

D14 – in NWT!! Crazy gorgeous!! Still tracking and portaging 99% of day, only paddle 2km at a time at most!

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