Little Limestone Lake Requires Proper Protection

July 19, 2010

Present boundaries insufficient

The present boundaries of the proposed Little Limestone Lake provincial park are inadequate to ensure the lake’s water quality. If polluted waters enter from outside of the protected boundary they will cause irreparable damage to Little Limestone’s delicate eco-system. Protecting Little Limestone’s water sources is required to ensure the lake’s well-being.

“It doesn’t take a genius to know that a 100 meter boundary around the lake is not based on ecological principles,” said Ron Thiessen, Executive Director of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Manitoba chapter.

“What is also abundantly clear is that the lake just to the south also needs protection because its waters feed Little Limestone,” Thiessen added.

CPAWS has commissioned Dr. Derek Ford, the world’s leading marl lake specialist, to undertake a study this September to help determine what the boundaries should be to properly protect the lake. CPAWS is working with all involved to make certain a large enough area around the lake is permanently protected to maintain the lake’s health as well as traditional activities and sustainable tourism opportunities for the area’s residents.

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