Announcing the #ProtectHudsonBay Colouring Contest Winners

CPAWS colouring contest
March 30, 2021

We loved seeing all the creative entries for the #ProtectHudsonBay Colouring Contest. Thanks so much to everyone who entered and to those who shared this contest with the children and teens in their lives!

We are happy to announce that Olivia, Sufian, Norah and Kai were selected in our random draw among all entries. Julian’s name was selected for our random draw for people who had their entry posted on Instagram with the hashtag #ProtectHudsonBay. Click here to see some of the entries posted to Instagram!

Those five lucky winners have been contacted by email and will receive a $25 McNally Robinson Booksellers gift card. Plus, the first 50 people who entered the contest will receive a #KeepManitobaWild sticker! We’ll be sending them out shortly, so keep an eye on your mailbox.

We’d love to see where you put your sticker — they work great on water bottles, laptops, skateboards, windows, walls, vehicles, fridges, you name it! Email us a photo to be featured on our social media accounts so we can encourage others to Keep Manitoba Wild.

If you’d like to share the colouring sheet and beluga facts with someone else, you can still download the sheet at this link. Stay tuned for more contests and events from CPAWS Manitoba by subscribing to our event listing newsletter.

The Five Randomly Selected Winners

Here is the artwork created by our randomly selected winners. Scroll on for quotes from them and other participants about why they think protecting beluga whales and Hudson Bay is important.

CPAWS colouring contest

Julian, age 7

CPAWS colouring contest

Kai, age 12

CPAWS colouring contest

Norah, age 5

CPAWS colouring contest

Olivia, age 4

CPAWS colouring contest

Sufian, age 5

Why It Is Important to Protect Belugas and Hudson Bay

We shared some information about beluga whales and then asked participants why they think it’s important to protect beluga whales and Hudson Bay. Here’s what they had to say.

“Belugas are cute and valuable. They are friendly and nice, and they followed my aunt’s kayak.” — Arlo, age 5

“It’s important to protect the belugas because I want them to still be around long enough to be able to see them in person in Hudson Bay someday.” — Julian, age 7

“Beluga whales have an important role in the overall health of the marine environment. They are culturally important to the Indigenous communities in the Arctic.” — Kai, age 12

“I want to protect beluga whales because of their importance in Indigenous communities and their important place in the overall health of the marine environment.” — Lilith, age 12

“Belugas are important because they are cute.” — Norah, age 5

“It’s important to protect Hudson Bay because beluga whales will have a place to play.” — Olivia, age 4

“It’s important to protect the beluga whales because otherwise they will get lost.” — Robin, age 5

“It’s important to protect beluga whales because they’re one of Earth’s creatures.” — Sammy, age 8

“I want to protect belugas because beluga whales are friendly and cute. They cannot protect themselves.” — Stella, age 7

“It’s important to protect beluga whales because they are cute, and it’s important to protect Hudson Bay because every living thing needs water. And we need to keep the water clean and not waste it.” — Sufian, age 5

Safe at Home in Nature

Nature has been here for us during the pandemic.

Parks became a refuge for people seeking safe spaces to escape the stress of the world. Provincial campsites were fully booked on summer weekends. Trails were so popular parking lots overflowed onto highways.

CPAWS Manitoba wants to help maintain and grow this positive connection to nature. That’s why we’re providing resources and online events that connect people to nature from the safety and comforts of home. Let Manitoba’s wild spaces be a refuge for you and your family.

This contest is meant to encourage Manitobans to learn about nature in our province and to appreciate the beauty of our wild spaces, as part of our Safe at Home efforts.

Help Keep Manitoba Wild


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With your help, we can protect half our lands and waters for future generations of people and wildlife.