Whiteshell’s Meditation Lake Area to be Protected

March 29, 2011

The Manitoba government recently announced that Mediation Lake and surrounding area in Whiteshell provincial park will become protected from developments under provincial law. This is a victory for conservation. It was just 2 years ago when the province was about to give Tim Horton’s the green light to establish a kid’s camp at this ecologically sensitive lake.

CPAWS encourages nature experiences through sustainable tourism ventures, including children’s camps, but we must first have up-to-date management plans for our parks before further developments take place. The health of our parks depends on it.

CPAWS is proud to be part of the team with groups such as the Wilderness Committee in taking a lead role in raising awareness and encouraging action to prevent developments around Meditation Lake. We congratulate the Manitoba government for coming on board and recognizing the importance of securing a healthy future for the area.

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