New video campaign launched to help threatened caribou in MB, ON and QB

June 29, 2009

Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, –  Today the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is launching a series of new tongue in cheek videos aimed at helping caribou populations in three provinces. Forest dwelling woodland caribou are in danger right across the country, and some of the greatest opportunities for conservation lie in Quebec, Manitoba and Ontario.  Today, in these videos,  a cousin of CPAWS’ very own Bou launches a quest to defend his belt.  Caribou must win the fight against the destruction of his habitat in those three provinces.

Defending his caribou belt

The habitat of woodland caribou or Boreal caribou extends right across Canada like a natural woven belt.  Its belt, however,  is being threatened by logging and road building.  Caribou must defend his belt not only for himself but for his family, extended family and friends and for us. Without this defence, caribou will disappear and this is a sign that Boreal ecosystems are being compromised.

Mastering many forms of fighting styles, Caribou will use karate, boxing, and wrestling to bring his opponents to the mat. « This new imagery depicts the struggle this animal must go through with the destruction of its habitat. We’re hoping these short, tongue-in-cheek clips will inspire everyone to learn more and get involved in protecting Boreal Forest habitat. We’re inviting citizens to ask their respective Premiers to create new protected areas quickly for the Caribou, » – explains Ron Thiessen, Executive Director of CPAWS Manitoba.

Caribou knows no borders

On behalf of caribou, CPAWS is asking for an immediate suspension of logging and new development activities in critical caribou habitat. “We must tackle the problem of on-going incursions into critical habitat while we work on the next step of protection of its territory. We must put measures in place for the long-term survival of the species,” says Janet Summer, Executive Director of CPAWS Wildlands league.

Alas, contrary to what happens in the videos, it won’t be as easy for Caribou to defend his belt. Much work needs to be done before achieving real protection for caribou habitat in the Boreal Forest. This is why CPAWS’ chapters in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are bringing their collective energies together to help save Boreal caribou before it’s too late

« Only with the support of the people of Quebec can we hope to see the government act fast. Together, we believe we can help obtain real protection for the caribou belt, » says Hervé Jodoin, Executive Director of CPAWS Québec.



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