NDP reaffirms support for Boreal forest

December 4, 2001

NDP delegates have voted overwhelmingly to reaffirm the party’s commitment to protect the pristine boreal forest on the East Side of Lake Winnipeg and to continue to work with First Nations toward designating the East Side a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Delegates at the party’s weekend convention voted to support development of a cultural and eco-tourism industry. It would generate new jobs and deliver direct economic benefits to local residents.

Delegates at the party’s weekend convention also voted Friday in support of resolutions calling for continued investment in worker safety, improved wage parity for women and economic-development initiatives for Aboriginal communities.

More than 500 delegates have registered for the three-day convention. Over 200 resolutions focusing on climate change, strengthening the healthcare system, and improving community safety are being debated..

CJOB’s Robert Holland reporting

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