Hundreds of Students Help Clean Up Their Communities with CPAWS 2022 Litter Challenge

Students cleaning up their neighbourhood as part of the CPAWS School Litter Clean Up.
November 24, 2022

Students Encourage Others to Consider Their Environmental Impact

Hundreds of students learned about the environmental impacts of litter and the value of public service through the fall 2022 CPAWS Manitoba Student Litter Cleanup Challenge. 

“We have a Plan A – try to save the earth. We do not have a Plan B, because there is no Earth B,” a Grade 7 student said after the cleanup.

A total of 374 students from 17 classrooms, after-school programs, and student groups in Winnipeg participated in the Litter Cleanup Challenge. 

After watching a video lesson by CPAWS Manitoba Environmental Educator Avery Kash, the students picked up litter around their schoolyard, the surrounding area, community centres, and nearby parks. Some students were surprised at how every little thing adds up when it comes to litter, and can harm the animals who encounter it.

“We must clean up the Earth so animals won’t get hurt!,” said a Grade 1 student.

“I loved the fresh air! I noticed little scraps of garbage such as cigarettes dropped can build up to be a large amount of garbage,” another student from Grade 7 said. “Every cup or container that we pick up saves an animal from getting hurt. It also brings out the beauty of the place.”

A big congratulations goes out to a Grade 5/6 science class at École Sage Creek School, Grade 1/2 and Grade 4/5 Nature Buddies at O.V. Jewitt Community School, and a preschool class at Fort Rouge Co-Op Day Nursery. They were randomly selected to win a classroom doughnut party. 

We want to send a big thank you to the educators who inspired their students to participate in our Litter Cleanup Challenge. Together, we can make a difference!

The Importance of Picking Up Litter

Students and teachers shared thoughts about their experience with the litter cleanup. Here’s what they had to say.

  • “It was a lot of fun! I’m also the music teacher (as well as head of the environment club) so we had a soundtrack to attack the garbage, and then a celebration song at the end when it was all cleaned up! Tons of staff were dancing as well!” Educator from École St Germain.
  • “The planet will reward us for helping it,” Zac from École Sage Creek School.
  • “We picked up more garbage than I thought we would! We should do it every week!” Chloe from Valleyview Centennial School.
  • “We need to take care of our community,” Ben from École Sage Creek School.
  • “This fits right in with our Landfill field trip and couldn’t have come at a better time,” Mrs. Donnelly from Valleyview Centennial School.
  • “Can we do this more? There’s a lot of garbage,” Rosie from Elwick Community School.
  • “It’s important to take care of the Earth so it doesn’t die!” Emily from Ecole Selkirk Junior High.
  • “All it takes is one of us. If we all do a little bit, we do a lot,” Micah from Calvin Christian School Collegiate Campus

Thanks again to these great educators!

  • Tara Lagimodiere, Ecole Sage Creek School, Grade 3/4
  • Amanda Jonker, Ecole Sage Creek School, Grade 2
  • École St Germain, Environment Club Grade 4/5
  • Haley Wach, École Sage Creek School, Grade 5/6 Science
  • Danette Donnelly, Valleyview Centennial School, Grade 3/4 Science
  • Sara Litz, WMEMS Bedson, Grade 4
  • Catherine Johnson, O.V. Jewitt Community School, Grade 1/2 & Grade 4/5 Nature Buddies
  • Jen Henry, Elwick Community School, Grade 7/8
  • Tyler Farrand, Ecole Selkirk Junior High, Grade 7
  • Hannah Siemens, Beautiful Savior Lutheran School, Grade 1 Science
  • Cheyenne Hunter, Fort Rouge Co-Op Day Nursery, Preschool
  • Dori Reddig, Calvin Christian School – Collegiate Campus, Grade 7 Social Studies
  • Kim Hartikainen, Chief Peguis Junior High, Grade 6

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