Protecting Our Polar Pals

July 17, 2023

Heartwarming Insights from Kids, Inspiring a Brighter Future

By Katie Borgfjord, Digital Marketing Coordinator

We loved seeing all the creative entries for the #ProtectPolarBears Colouring Contest. Thanks so much to everyone who entered.

We are happy to announce that Abby (age 7), Athena (age 4), and Neveah (age 9) were selected in our random draw among all entries. Those three lucky winners have been contacted by email and will receive a $25 McNally Robinson Booksellers gift card.

If you’d like to share the colouring sheet with someone else, you can still download the sheet at this link. Stay tuned for more contests and events from CPAWS Manitoba by subscribing to our event listing newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest. Your voices and creativity have made a significant impact, and we look forward to continuing this journey together, championing the cause of polar bear conservation and helping keep Manitoba Wild. 

Discover the Inspiring Artwork of Our Randomly Selected Winners

Here is the artwork created by our randomly selected winners. Scroll on for quotes from them and other participants about why they think protecting polar bears is important.

“I want to protect polar bears because Their ice is melting and it is hard for them to find food,” said Abby (age 7).

“I want to protect polar bears because their homes are disappearing,” said Athena (age 4).

“I want to protect polar bears because they are very very cute animals and I love them,” said Neveah (age 9). 

Why We Must Protect Polar Bears

Now, let’s hear from the talented participants as they share their thoughts on why protecting polar bears is crucial.

“I want to protect polar bears because the arctic is melting,” said Sebastian (age 7).

“I want to protect polar bears because they help with the food chain,” said Zion (age 7)

“I want to protect polar bears because they help regulate the oceans ecosystem,” said Astraea (age 2)

“I want to protect polar bearsbecause If they don’t have a habitat they can not live,” said student age 9.

“I want to protect polar bears because Polar bears are amazing,” said Adelyn (age 7).

“I want to protect polar bears because I like them,” said Maci (age 3).

“I want to protect polar bears because they are vulnerable and need help,” said Dominik (age 11).

“I want to protect polar bears because we love them,” said Louie (age 5). 

“I want to protect polar bears because they’re super cool and awesome, go polar bears go,” said Ollie (age 8).

CPAWS Manitoba Outdoor Education Program

This contest is meant to encourage Manitobans to safely learn about nature, appreciating the beauty of our wild spaces, as part of our outdoor education program.

Outdoor education is fundamental in establishing a long-lasting connection to nature. Researchers, educators, and parents alike agree that when people of any age spend time outdoors, there are immense physical, mental, social, and environmental benefits.

The purpose of this program is to increase access to outdoor education and connect more Manitobans to nature and conservation efforts. This program is for educators and families to introduce important environmental topics and apply learning in an outdoor setting.

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