Cross-country Canoeist Supports East Side Protection

August 8, 2006

After paddling solo from the Atlantic (over 3,000 km since April), CPAWS Board member Jay Morrison stopped in Winnipeg this week to voice his support for new protected areas on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

Please join CPAWS and Jay by sending a letter to the Manitoba government. Let’s encourage them to act on their commitment to a World Heritage Site in the region by protecting large, intact boreal forest lands, as requested by local First Nations. It’s essential that these actions be completed before considering expansion of industrial developments such as logging and mining.

As the boreal forest is Earth’s largest source of fresh water and deemed the “northern lungs of the planet,” it’s our responsibility to ensure big wild places like the east side of Lake Winnipeg are protected.

Right: Jay Morrison presented Conservation Minister Stan Struthers with a special canoe paddle inscribed “Protect Manitoba’s Big Wild – East Side Lake Winnipeg.”

  • Read the educational report: Protect Manitoba’s Big Wild—East Side Lake Winnipeg
  • Send a letter now!
  • Read the press release
  • Learn about Jay’s trip

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