Warming Up to Winter: A Panel Discussion on Getting Active Outdoors

Warming up to winter webinar

Warming Up to Winter: A Panel Discussion on Getting Active Outdoors

February 12 2021

Winter is part of our identity, whether we like it or not. People who used to hibernate have started to head outside as a way to find safe and fun ways to be active and connect at a safe social distance during a pandemic.

This panel discussion will help you get inspired to embrace winter and get your frost on!


Jaime Manness, author of two Hike Manitoba guidebooks, gives expert tips on hiking in the province, including any must-know information for winter hiking.

Garrett Tremblay from Wilderness Supply Company, a store committed to outdoor adventure, talks about how to set yourself up for success for activities in winter, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and birding.

Kris Kuzdub from Green Action Centre, Manitoba’s hub for green living, discusses active transportation in the winter and how you can get started.

The panellists talk about how to overcome the challenges of getting active in winter and how to safely spend time outdoors during a pandemic, give suggestions for how to get started and make recommendations about how to take your winter activities to the next level.

Watch the webinar recording.

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This year, people have been spending more time than ever outdoors and establishing meaningful connections with nature. This connection to nature fuels a desire to protect and improve our natural spaces.

It hasn’t been easy for us to gather this year to learn from one another and rally for change, so CPAWS Manitoba is launching a monthly webinar series to help us connect for conservation online.

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