A Toast to New Protection for Caribou

June 20, 2006

In April 2005, Ron Thiessen, now CPAWS Manitoba Executive Director, gave Conservation Minister Stan Struthers a bottle of Caribou Wine together with a request that it only be opened to celebrate when the province provides legal protection for woodland caribou.

In June 2006, after a targeted campaign by CPAWS and the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Manitoba’s threatened woodland caribou was listed under the Manitoba Endangered Species Act.

“Cheers, to the caribou,” said Minister Struthers as he lifted his glass to celebrate at a meeting held shortly after the announcement with Ron and CPAWS Manitoba Executive Assistant Bill Granger.

CPAWS Manitoba Executive Director Ron Thiessen and Manitoba Conservation Minister
Stan Struthers smiling about announcement to protect woodland caribou.

“I’m delighted by this announcement and look forward to seeing the habitat protection mandated in the Manitoba Endangered Species Act becoming a reality on the ground. Protection of large, healthy boreal forests is the only method proven to ensure the continued survival of this species at risk,” said Thiessen.

Now, it’s important that all Manitobans encourage our provincial government to move forward by revising Manitoba’s Caribou Recovery Strategy so that it’s consistent with the new listing under
  the Manitoba Endangered Species Act – protection of large, intact caribou habitats
  must be the Strategy’s primary objective.

The Conservation and Recovery Strategy for Boreal Woodland Caribou can be found at:

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