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Dec 20 13
Fisher Bay: Protecting Crucial Habitat for Manitoba’s Bats
Spanning over 800 km2, the Fisher Bay Reserve is located 2 hours north of Winnipeg and sits within a vast stretch of boreal forest. In order to preserve the healthy landscape, the Fisher Bay Provincial Park was established in 2011, keeping the wide range of natural features – from forests, bogs, and beaches – available for an array of wildlife. The park boasts a range of species encompassing white-tailed deer, elk, moose, red fox, and many birds and fish. The land is maintained for recreational use, protecting the wildness from mining, logging, oil, gas, and hydroelectric development. Moreover, by eliminating the impact of industrial developments, critical habitats remain for endangered species such as the piping plover...

Dec 17 13
Santa’s reindeer’s cousins faring better in Manitoba than most other jurisdictions
Winnipeg - In the first annual assessment of how well provinces and territories are enacting the requirements for conservation plans under the federal government’s National Recovery Strategy for Boreal Woodland Caribou, the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) and David Suzuki Foundation (DSF) find the majority are lagging behind badly. “In Manitoba though, we’re pleased to see that some positive steps have been taken over the past year to develop conservation measures for Boreal woodland caribou. This is a credit to our province because it is among only three that received a “medium” grade for making progress on conserving this iconic but threatened species,” says Ron Thiessen, Executive Director of the CPAWS Manitoba chapter.

Dec 11 13
World calling on Manitoba to protect 20% by 2020
Over 1000 delegates from more than 65 nations have passed a resolution commending Manitoba for our progress on establishing protected wilderness areas and urging the province to commit to working with all Manitobans to safeguard 20% of our wild lands and waters from industrial developments by 2020. Signatories to the resolution introduced at The 10th World Wilderness Congress, held this year in Salamanca, Spain include scientists, conservationists, government officials, and Indigenous leaders from around the world. Ron Thiessen of the Manitoba chapter of the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society highlights Manitoba’s Boreal Forest Region, covering about 80% of the province’s land base, as our greatest conservation opportunity.

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