Keeping water healthy (letter to the Editor)

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We are blessed as a nation with an abundance of fresh water, yet we are squandering this life-giving resource. One only needs to look at the algae blooms menacing Lake Winnipeg to understand that our water stewardship is inadequate.

New conservation trust holds potential


The province will create a $102-million Conservation Trust Fund intended to support the goals and objectives of our provincial climate strategy, particularly those related to conserving ecosystems and using natural solutions — such as restoring wetlands — to improve water quality.

Federal budget gives huge boost to conservation


The Winnipeg Free Press deserves high praise for its comprehensive coverage of the federal budget and what it means to Canadians, which includes conserving our incredible diversity of natural landscapes and wildlife. As reported, the federal budget allocates 1.3 billion dollars over 5 years “to expand protected areas and help endangered and threatened species — a move that reflects its pledge to safeguard at least 17 per cent of Canada’s land and inland waters by 2020.” What does this mean for Manitoba?

CPAWS MB celebrates “historic investment” in nature conservation in Federal Budget 2018


CPAWS applauds today’s announcement of 1.3 billion dollars over 5 years to protect Canada’s land, freshwater, and wildlife. This unprecedented investment will enable Canada to achieve its commitment to protect at least 17% of our land and freshwater by 2020. To date, Canada has protected 10.6% of our landscape; Manitoba has protected 11% of lands and freshwaters within its borders.

Protecting habitat foundational to protecting moose

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Though it is concerning that the recent throne speech excludes commitments to advance the needle on protecting our valuable ecosystems, I am pleased it includes a provincial commitment to develop comprehensive co-management strategies to secure the long-term sustainability of our wildlife populations. Ultimately, the success of efforts to safeguard and recover wildlife will require the province to conserve adequate suitable habitat for the species with which we share the landscape.

CPAWS releases citizen-backed provincial election questionnaire

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With a provincial election on the horizon, the Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) has today released an all-party questionnaire to help inform voters of party positions on issues related to the future of the vast Boreal region of Manitoba. The questions were developed with input from CPAWS members. Hundreds of Manitobans have signed online in support of the request for public responses to the questions from all parties.

Skownan First Nation wins Excellence in Sustainability Award

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Chief Cameron Catcheway of Skownan First Nation has accepted an award from the Province of Manitoba for Excellence in Sustainability in the category of Water and Natural Areas Stewardship. The community was nominated in recognition of their work toward the designation of Chitek Lake Anishinaabe Provincial Park and for their efforts toward the sustainability of the local fishery.

New Boreal lands secured for nature in Manitoba


The province today announced the designation of two new provincial parks in the Boreal region as well as the designation or expansion of nine additional ecological reserves and one park.