CPAWS Manitoba adventures with Cree nation youth at colour-changing lake


Fifteen high school students as well as community members and educators from Mosakahiken Cree Nation are with CPAWS Manitoba and Twin River Travel this week at Little Limestone Lake; the world’s largest and most dramatic colour-changing marl lake. In 2011, after many years of CPAWS working together with Mosakahiken, the lake and its surrounding landscape was protected from industrial developments as a provincial park but now neglect and visitor misconduct are posing a challenge to the lake.

CPAWS comments about the future of Little Limestone Lake


The Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society would like to thank you for your invitation to comment about the future of Little Limestone Lake Provincial Park.

We are generally pleased with the Little Limestone Lake Provincial Park draft management plan. Thanks to Mosakahiken Cree Nation, CPAWS was given the opportunity to assist by giving them our review of an earlier draft of the plan.

CPAWS supports investigating the potential for Little Limestone Lake being nominated for UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Being the largest and most intense colour-changing marl lake on earth, combined with its stunning visual beauty, certainly makes it a worthy candidate for this prestigious designation.

Small Change Big Help to Little Limestone Lake


CPAWS gives huge thanks to the Small Change Fund for helping to protect Little Limestone Lake. CPAWS and Mosakahiken Cree Nation are working to add additional lands to the new provincial park that surrounds the Lake so that we can ensure it stays healthy forever. The unique Little Limestone Lake changes colour from turquoise to Caribbean-blue daily! You can witness the phenomenon in real time at

CPAWS Cheers New Park at Manitoba’s Caribbean-blue Lake


Today representatives from the Mosakahiken Cree Nation, the Manitoba government, CPAWS, and Nature Manitoba visited Little Limestone Lake to announce the Caribbean-blue lake and its surrounding landscape as Manitoba’s 85th provincial park. A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on site by the Manitoba government and Mosakahiken Cree Nation that includes a commitment to look at enlarging the new Little Limestone Lake Provincial Park, which include areas deemed critical to the lake’s ecological well-being.

Little Limestone Lake Requires Proper Protection

MiraLittle Limestone Lake, News, Press release

The present boundaries of the proposed Little Limestone Lake provincial park are inadequate to ensure the lake’s water quality. If polluted waters enter from outside of the protected boundary they will cause irreparable damage to Little Limestone’s delicate eco-system. Protecting Little Limestone’s water sources is required to ensu

Celebrating Little Limestone Lake


CPAWS is delighted to see Little Limestone Lake recently recognized by Canadian Geographic Travel magazine as having one of Canada’s best beaches. Little Limestone is a truly special and unique lake. In fact, it’s the biggest and best of its kind.

Protecting Colour-changing Lake – Little Limestone


The Manitoba government is holding an open house tomorrow (November 13th)
to seek public input about extending protection of Little Limestone Lake
and surrounding lands. The area is presently protected from all industrial
developments until January 19, 2008 while consultations continue about the
future of what the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) deems
“Manitoba’s most amazing lake.”