Know the North guest blog #6 – Lessons in Positivity


Our trip this summer was a steep learning curve for me on multiple fronts. (I mean, sure I had paddled before… but 46 straight days of paddling really gave me an opportunity to perfect skills that I may have previously considered to be more than adequate…) To my surprise, the most important lesson that I learned had nothing at all to do with canoeing.

Know the North guest blog #5 – A Land of Stories

MiraNews, Seal River

If you have ever paddled on a seldom-traveled river, you likely know the joy of seeing a rock that has been marked with canoe paint. Rocks donning red, green, and yellow streaks can be found in shallow creeks, at campsite landings, and in eddies along the river. To me, these little splashes of colour have always been reassuring. They suggest that you are on the right path…

Know the North guest blog #3 – Start the Conservation Conversation!

MiraNews, Seal River

Whenever I head up into the far north it feels like I have gone back in time. For the most part the remote Canadian wilderness is the same now as it was a thousand years ago – eskers and drumlin fields dominate the landscape, and forests of black spruce and tamarack provide cover for the creatures that call this region home. It’s easy to think it will stay this way forever.