Enter the CPAWS Manitoba Fall Colours Photo Contest 2022

A dock on water in Riding Mountain National Park in fall at sunrise.
September 28, 2022

Enjoy the crisp, fall air and the changing colours of the season by taking part in the CPAWS Manitoba Fall Photo Contest. Wildlife, landscapes, backcountry hikes, backyard adventures — we want to see it all! Just get those entries in by October 31, 2022, for your chance to win.

Our team at CPAWS Manitoba will select three winners, one for each category. The categories are:

  • Nature shots: any photo without people in it — it could be a landscape shot, a close-up of a plant, etc.
  • People enjoying nature: any photo in nature that also features people nearby or in the distance
  • Animals in nature: this could be Manitoba wildlife or your pet out on an adventure with you

Everyone who submits a photo will be entered into a random draw for one more prize. You can enter up to five photos, so the more you enter, the higher chance you have to win the draw!

Want yet another chance to win? In addition to submitting your photo through the online form, post your photo on your Instagram feed with the hashtag #CPAWSFallPhoto, and you’ll be entered into another random draw strictly for those who share their entry on Instagram!

And yet another bonus: the first 25 people who submit their photos will receive a CPAWS Manitoba sticker or magnet!

Want some inspiration? Check out the amazing winning entries from last year’s fall photo contest earlier this year.

How to Enter

Take your photos — eligible photos must be taken in Manitoba between September 20, 2022, and October 31, 2022. Complete the online entry form. For the bonus Instagram draw, post the photo on your feed with the hashtag #CPAWSFallPhoto. If you have a private account, send us a screenshot by email to show us that you posted on Instagram.

The contest runs from September 28, 2022, to October 31, 2022. Winners will be notified by November 21, 2022.

Contest Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded:

  • Winners of each category: $75 Atmosphere gift card and a CPAWS Manitoba Keep Manitoba Wild T-shirt
  • Random draw for all entries: CPAWS Manitoba Keep Manitoba Wild T-shirt
  • Random draw for those who post entries on Instagram with hashtag #CPAWSFallPhoto: CPAWS Manitoba Hudson Bay long sleeve shirt

Rules and Regulations

Please read the contest rules and regulations here. If there is an identifiable person in your photograph, they must sign the model release form, found here.

Outdoor Fun with the CPAWS Manitoba Nature Club

This contest is part of the CPAWS Manitoba Nature Club, which has three main components: Outdoor Learning, Outdoor Fun (contests fall under this), and Speaker Series.

Our Nature Club is designed to help Manitobans get outside, make new friends, and learn about the wonders of nature.

Click here for the full Nature Club event listings.

This contest is possible thanks to the generous support of The Winnipeg Foundation.

Photo Contest FAQ Fall 2022

Why Are You Hosting This Photo Contest?

Our mission is to connect people to nature. A camera lens helps to focus the mind and capture the beauty of the natural world – while leaving no trace. 

Contests are a great way to inspire people to get outside through healthy competition, a deadline and an incentive (who doesn’t love prizes!)

We’re also always on the lookout for good images to use in our campaigns to protect Manitoba’s lands and waters. So this contest is an efficient way to ask people to donate photos we can use to help Keep Manitoba Wild. 

How Will My Photos Get Used?

There’s one thing we can promise: photos submitted through the contest will never be sold, shared outside of CPAWS or used for commercial purposes.

Winning photos will be featured on our social media and in a blog post.

Other images will get stored in our digital library for potential use in our campaigns to protect nature. That could be a social media post, it could be a flyer or brochure or on our website. Your photo may even get used in a published report. 

Will I Get Credit if My Photo is Used?

We do our best to credit photographers because we value their work (many of us are pretty serious photographers too!). However, sometimes it doesn’t work out. We’re human, and non-profit life means we’re often working in a rush. Sometimes we forget to add a credit line. Sometimes we just don’t have the time to look it up. Sometimes we decide to leave the credit line off because it doesn’t physically fit on the design. 

Do I Retain Copyright to Images Submitted?

Yes! Of course. It’s your photo. 

What Happens if I Submit Photos That Don’t Belong to Me?

Please don’t submit photos that don’t belong to you! That includes photos you’ve taken but have sold the exclusive rights to. You would be liable for violating the intellectual property rights of the person or organization which owns the photo.

What’s the Deal with Model Release Forms?

We love pictures of people in nature. We also value privacy. So we can only accept photos of people that are accompanied by a model release form.

What’s With All the Legalese in Contest Rules?

Tell us about it! But contests aren’t just fun and games. They are governed by the Competition Act and Criminal Code.

Intellectual property laws also require us to ensure we have permission to use photos submitted. So please don’t submit someone else’s photo. 

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