Your Voice Needed to Save Manitoba’s Caribbean Blue Lake!

December 13, 2012

The provincial government is asking you to share your thoughts about the future of Manitoba’s Little Limestone Lake – the biggest and best colour-changing waterbody on earth! Comment period ends January 7th.

CPAWS and our partners Mosakahiken Cree Nation worked to ensure Little Limestone Lake provincial park was established in 2011. The issue is that the park is too small to ensure the lake doesn’t get contaminated. The boundaries must be expanded to safeguard the water sources and lands that feed the lake.

The Manitoba government has committed to explore enlarging the park but they are concerned about a handful of mining claims that would have to be removed to establish the scientifically designed boundaries.

The more Manitobans that speak up to protect this unique natural treasure, the more political will the government will have to save Little Limestone Lake.

Let the Manitoba government know how you feel about the future of Little Limestone Lake – the biggest and best colour-changing waterbody on earth!

It’s always best to use your own words but here is some suggested text for your comments to the government:

“Congratulations to your government for committing to explore expansion of Little Limestone Lake’s park boundaries. Little Limestone Lake is a unique Manitoba treasure that we must keep healthy forever. Please move forward quickly to establish the scientifically designed play-it-safe boundaries for the park.”

What’s up with the lake changing colours?

Little Limestone Lake is the largest and most outstanding marl lake on Earth. Marl is created when calcite, a constituent of limestone, is chemically precipitated from warm water. As the temperature rises, the quantity of marl increases, which changes the colour of the lake. It is common for the lake to transform from a brilliant turquoise in the morning, to a robin’s egg blue by mid-afternoon. It’s like a piece of the Caribbean, but its here in Manitoba!

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