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woodland caribou with large antlers
May 25, 2022

There is finally some hope that the province will act to protect threatened caribou populations after more than a decade of delays. 

The federal government is offering funding to Manitoba to support the development of caribou action plans, which will outline what needs to be done to help these shy and majestic forest dwellers evade extinction.

You can help protect caribou!

Take three minutes out of your day to tell the province that you care about caribou in their online engagement survey.

Please do it soon: the survey closes on June 6, 2022.

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Caribou need large, intact areas of wilderness to thrive. 

We need to establish large scale protected areas in what is left of caribou territory to help this threatened species evade extinction. Logging old growth forests and hoping caribou will find someplace else to live and eventually return when the forest grows back is an unproven solution. 

Protecting the boreal forests where caribou thrive has many other benefits for Manitobans including: mitigating climate change, cleaning our air and water; and providing habitat for hundreds of other species.

It’s well past time for the Manitoba government to stop dragging its feet and take strong action to protect our threatened caribou. 

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*** background information***

Woodland caribou have been provincially listed as a threatened species since 2006. The Manitoba woodland caribou recovery strategy released that same year committed the province to producing action plans for woodland caribou by 2010. 

Though an updated provincial recovery strategy was released in 2015, there are still no caribou action plans. The federal government requested that provinces and territories complete plans for boreal woodland caribou recovery by October 2017.  

For more information, please visit our woodland caribou campaign page.

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