Protecting Nature One Post at a Time: Meet Katie Borgfjord

June 14, 2024

Introducing the Team at CPAWS Manitoba

June 14, 2024

Katie Borgfjord is a communications and social media professional with a passion for sustainability and intersectional feminism. As the Digital Marketing Coordinator, Katie is in charge of managing the CPAWS Manitoba social media pages, updating the website, crafting content and leading Nature Club activities. 

Katie is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric and Communications. Katie joined CPAWS Manitoba in May 2023 as the Digital Marketing Coordinator. 

Before joining CPAWS, Katie was a full-time student at UofW. She also works for local radio, where she coordinates events and manages social media. Katie has also created Feminists of Winnipeg. This is an intersectional feminist community, with the mission to educate, encourage and empower women and others. She released her first zine in April 2023, which is currently for sale at Riley Grae.

Growing up rurally in the Interlake, Katie spent her time biking, walking, or exploring the local quarry. She developed a love for nature and wildlife while camping with her family. You can find Katie browsing thrift stores, reading feminism books, listening to Taylor Swift, trying out a new vegetarian recipe, making journaling Tiktoks or leading a CPAWS hike. 

CPAWS Manitoba Team, Dec 2023. Top row: (from left) Mira Oberman, David Swan, Kate Heide. Middle row: Obsi Neggussa, Katie Borgfjord, Neil Bailey, Ron Theissen. Front: Carly Gray. PC: Michelle Westman.

Q+A with Digital Marketing Coordinator Katie Borgfjord

What Is Your Main Role with CPAWS Manitoba?

As the Digital Marketing Coordinator for CPAWS Manitoba, I create engaging content for our social media pages and website. Whether I’m writing blogs, sending out weekly event newsletters, designing with Canva, or making TikToks, I’m always working to connect with our community.

I also love organizing everything! I have become the office-go-to for everything from rearranging the furniture to tracking our upcoming events and mapping out the documents in our online folders.

On the first Saturday of every month, you’ll find me on the trails with our Nature Club, discussing all things CPAWS, nature, and Manitoba. As well as, sneaking in a few photos and videos along the way.

What Do You Hope to Achieve with Your Work?

I hope to bring awareness to CPAWS MB from new audiences online to support all the good work our team is doing to protect 30% of Manitoba by 2030. As well as, motivate people to spend more time outdoors, be comfortable in nature, and maybe join me on a hike!

Favourite Part of your Job?

Can I say everything? I love how multifaceted my position is—it’s creative, fun, meaningful, and active. I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in a role where I can express my creativity, continuously learn, and spend time outdoors.

Another aspect I love is the chance to immerse myself in different parts of the team’s work. Whether writing a blog, creating content, attending an outreach event, or participating in an Outdoor Education Program, it’s great to see the team in their element.  

What Inspires You to Protect and Be an Advocate for Nature?

Having the opportunity to make a difference in the world and connect the community to nature. 

Katie Borgfjord laying in Polar Bear Campaign Postcards. PC: Michelle Westman

Fast Facts:

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Feminist, Swiftie, creative, friendly, and honest.

What’s your favourite outdoor activity?

I love walking, and swimming!

What’s your favourite Manitoba Vacation spot?

I love camping at Clear Lake, and stopping in at all the shops! 

What’s your favourite Provincial Park?

I love the Whiteshell, so many spots to check out there! I love all the hikes and hidden gems, like jumping off the rocks at the Big Whiteshell.

What’s your favourite Winnipeg Park?

I love having picnics and going for a walk in Kildonan Park and Assiniboine Park.

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