Your comments are needed on Manitoba’s Caribou Recovery Strategy

July 25, 2006

After much urging by CPAWS, and a stream of letters from CPAWS supporters, the Manitoba government has now provided an avenue for citizens and experts to provide comments and make improvements to the provincial Caribou Recovery Strategy.

Thank you for your support!

Our woodland caribou’s future depends on a Recovery Strategy that legally protects their habitat – as mandated by the Manitoba Endangered Species Act. CPAWS wants to ensure large, intact areas of boreal forest are protected for caribou.

The current Recovery Strategy cites unproven and seriously deficient methods for protecting caribou, like predator management and prescribed logging. These approaches conflict with conservation biology, which tells us that woodland caribou populations decline when their habitats are lost and fragmented by industrial activities such as forestry and mining.

Let the Manitoba government know that the Caribou Recovery Strategy must be amended so that its key objective is protection of large, intact boreal forest caribou habitats – the only action proven to secure woodland caribou populations.

Thank you for your help in protecting Canada’s woodland caribou!

CPAWS Action Team

The Conservation and Recovery Strategy for Boreal Woodland Caribou can be found at:

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