Urgent! Help Protect Manitoba’s Colour-changing Lake

August 12, 2010

The biggest and best marl lake in the world!

Comments to the government needed by August 31. Please don’t delay. Do it now!

Little Limestone Lake is the largest and most outstanding marl lake on Earth

Marl is created when calcite, a constituent of limestone, is chemically precipitated from warm water. As the temperature rises, the quantity of marl increases, which changes the colour of the lake. It is common for the lake to transform from a brilliant turquoise in the morning, to a robin’s egg blue by mid-afternoon. It’s like a piece of the Caribbean, but its here in Manitoba!

The good news is that our government wants to make Little Limestone Lake a park. The danger is that the boundaries the government is proposing are not large enough to protect the lake and keep it clean and healthy. We have a one-time opportunity to safeguard this unique and special lake forever. The park’s boundaries must be large enough to protect the lake and its water sources and must be agreeable to Mosakahiken First Nation as these are their traditional lands and waters.

Please send your opinion about proper protection for Little Limestone Lake to [email protected]

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