The Great Baldy Mountain Climb!

July 6, 2011

Baldy Mountain is in the Duck Mountains, north of Dauphin. It is beautiful, and on July 4th I climbed it in a world record setting 5 minutes 58 seconds. Someone even added it to Wikipedia which is awesome.  Here’s the entire Wiki entry:

Baldy Mountain is the highest peak in Manitoba, Canada. It is located in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, northwest of Dauphin. It is 832 m (2,730 ft) tall, making it the highest mountain in the 563 km (350 mi) long Manitoba Escarpment. Winnipeg radio DJ Ace Burpee reported, live, to have run up Mount Baldy on July 4, 2011 in a time of 5 minutes 58 seconds.

We’re lucky. We have a beautiful province. Check out the video and pics.

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