Save woodland caribou

January 25, 2007

The article, Declines in caribou called threat, Jan. 22, speaks volumes about the caribou’s fight for survival. Caribou are in trouble across our nation due to habitat loss.

Here in Manitoba, woodland caribou are walking the path to extinction unless our provincial government performs the one measure proven to ensure their healthy future—protecting large sections of intact boreal forest. According to the provincial government, we’ve lost 50 per cent of Manitoba’s woodland caribou population since 1950. This is largely due to developments such as industrial logging, mining and hydro projects that failed to plan for the needs of boreal wildlife including caribou. With a few exceptions, this short-sighted and backward trend of developing without adequate planning continues in Manitoba.

By protecting huge boreal forest landscapes, we protect caribou, many other species of wildlife and ourselves. The next provincial election looms. Premier Doer must show his concern for Manitoba’s wildlife and their boreal forest home. Protecting the woodland caribou’s home on Lake Winnipeg’s east side would be a huge step toward a healthy future for Manitoba.

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