Re: Park reserve expansion urged (Aug 30)

December 4, 2001

I’m delighted Manitoba Conservation Minister Stan Struthers is so
enthusiastic about the proposed provincial park on the south-west basin of
Lake Winnipeg.

The new Ochiwasahow (Fisher Bay) park, championed by the
Fisher River Cree Nation, will stretch four times the size of Winnipeg and
provide an opportunity to protect our boreal forests for future generations
of people and wildlife.

The Fisher Bay region is First Nations traditional territory and a haven for
wildlife such as bears, moose, fox, eagles, and a variety of songbirds. This
picturesque area is blessed with treed shorelines, long sandy beaches, and
large islands covered with old-growth forests.

Establishing the park will preserve nature, aboriginal culture, and
sustainable local tourism opportunities. Protecting the Fisher Bay region is
important for everyone as it is boreal forest wilderness, which is Earth’s
largest source of fresh water and the northern lungs of the planet. The
boreal also stores huge amounts of carbon, which helps to curb climate

The Fisher River Cree Nation is at the forefront with their request for the
establishment of this new park. Swift action by the Manitoba government to
honour their wishes will be a giant leap toward a healthy future for
wildlife, Manitoba, and the Earth.  To learn more and get involved, go to

Ron Thiessen
Executive Director
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – Manitoba chapter

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