Re: Hunting Moose in Canada to Save Caribou From Wolves (August 30, 2017)

September 8, 2017

In an August 30 New York Times article by Joanna Klein, biologist Robert Serrouya is correct in his assertion that killing wolves to save caribou is a band-aid solution and we need to deal with the cause. What the article doesn’t address is that the main reason for declining caribou populations (mountain and boreal woodland types) is habitat disturbance and loss. Where still possible, the solution is to protect large intact caribou habitats from industrial activity and associated road networks. This way, caribou can find enough food, avoid predators, and manage themselves as they have for thousands of years.

Canada needs to step away from its piece-meal development practices and begin comprehensively planning for a balance of conservation and sustainable developments to create a future that includes thriving wildlife populations, a healthy environment for people, and a prosperous economy. Successfully achieving this will require an inclusive approach that involves Canadian and Indigenous governments, stakeholders, and all citizens who wish to take part.

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