Province Takes Backward Approach to Pitching New Camp in Whiteshell Provincial Park

February 17, 2010
Map of the proposed Tim’s Camp.
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The province has announced a new location for a proposed Tim Horton’s children’s camp near Sylvia Lake in Whiteshell provincial park. The message from CPAWS is the same as last year when Meditation Lake was originally proposed for a Tim Horton’s camp in the park – no more development in Whiteshell park before it has a current management plan.

Whiteshell’s 1983 park management plan was scheduled for review in 1993 and 2003. The commitment to modernize the plan remains unfulfilled and the province has not announced any intentions to fulfill this obligation.

CPAWS encourages nature experiences through sustainable tourism ventures, including children’s camps, but we must first have up-to-date management plans for our parks before further developments take place.

As piecemeal park developments lacking a master vision often lead to disastrous ecological results, CPAWS has long pressed the province to fulfill its commitment to produce park management plans for all our 81 provincial parks. Presently only 3 parks have recent plans and many have no plan at all.

You wouldn’t consider building a house with a 27 year old plan. You would revise it to incorporate present day knowledge. This is the approach the province needs to take with our treasured provincial parks.

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