Ottawa and Manitoba join forces to protect bears

September 18, 2013

Seal River watershed habitat needs protection

Recently, the Manitoba and federal governments agreed to work together to increase efficiencies and combine efforts to protect polar bears in Manitoba’s north. This is good news, as this will increase the possibilities in saving our world-acclaimed populations.

To help safeguard polar bears and many other species such as caribou and beluga whales, it is critical that we establish areas protected from industrial developments. The largely undisturbed Seal River Watershed, which lies adjacent to the Churchill Wildlife Management Area, provides a sanctuary.

Covering 50,000 km2 (nearly 8% of our province), the Seal River landscape encircles a realm of unimaginable natural beauty and a richness of geography and ecology unparalleled in our province. As the northernmost of Manitoba’s great rivers, the Seal River is the only one that still flows freely, unhindered by dams and other developments.

In an effort to save polar bears, a plethora of wildlife, Manitoba’s last truly wild great river, and a thriving tourism sector, Manitoba would be wise to launch a process through its upcoming protected areas strategy to work with all involved to consider large scale conservation of the Seal River and its watershed. 

Ron Thiessen
Executive Director
Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society (CPAWS) – Manitoba chapter

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