Stage Left to Nature’s Best: Meet Deb

July 5, 2024

Introducing the Team at CPAWS Manitoba

Deborah is absolutely thrilled to join the CPAWS team as the new Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator. Born in the charming town of Kenora and raised in the city of Winnipeg, she is a proud graduate of the University of Winnipeg, where she majored in Theatrical Production and Stage Management.

If Deborah looks familiar, it’s likely because you’ve seen her smiling face at RMTC or PTE, where she spent an impressive 12 seasons as the Front of House Manager and Volunteer Coordinator. Her passion for the arts is only matched by her deep love for the environment and the great outdoors—a passion that began with countless family camping trips across Manitoba’s stunning Provincial Parks.

Deborah has celebrated more birthdays in a tent trailer than she can count, with Birds Hill Park holding a particularly special place in her heart—a love she’s passed on to her two sons. Her favourite spots also include the breathtaking Riding Mountain, Pisew Falls, and Assiniboine Forest.

During the summer, you’ll often find her in her pop-up Dutchmen Duck trailer, accompanied by her three beloved Dutchmen, gathered around a roaring campfire, savouring the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

Q+A with Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator Deb:

  1. What Is Your Main Role with CPAWS Manitoba?

I am the new Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator here at CPAWS-Manitoba.  I’m responsible for getting together a wide variety of people to volunteer for this great organization.  I also am responsible for getting the word out to as many people as possible about what we do and convincing people to sign our postcards which outline our initiatives as an organization.  You’ll see the Outreach team at many events that happen in the Province.  Just look for our green tent!

  1. What do you hope to achieve with your work?

I want people to realize that 1 person can make a huge difference in the world.  Every signature we collect helps to bring us closer to our goal of protecting as much of Manitoba as we can.  I also want people to realize that we are all so much more similar to each other than you think.  When you take a group of people and walk them into a forest, they all become little kids at heart again.  It’s a lovely thing to experience.

  1. Favourite part of your job?

I love the diversity of the people that I get to meet.  You get people from all walks of life who come together and share a common goal.  I like bringing people together who might not otherwise get to meet, whether it be on one of our hikes or persuading someone to sign one of our postcards. I get to witness new friendships with people and nature!

  1. What Inspires You to Protect and Be an Advocate for Nature?

All of my best memories of childhood involve being outside, whether it be camping or running around the beach, or being lucky enough to have my birthday party outside at a park.  I’ve spent more of my birthdays in a tent trailer than I can count.  I tried to instill this love of nature in my own kids and if I’m lucky enough to have grandkids I want nature to be a place they can just breathe and take a break from the world when they need to.

5. What are you working on in CPAWS?

I don’t have projects in the same way everyone else does here.  I’m constantly working on getting us into new events to promote CPAWS-Manitoba, and always looking to add new volunteers to our crew.  In the long run, I’m really hoping to have volunteers handle many of our events and nature club activities, and feel an ownership of them and what they do to help Manitobans.

Deb camping at Birds Hill Park, June 2024.

Fast Facts:

  1. How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Organized, empathetic, optimistic (most of the time) cheerful, goofy

  1. Fav outdoor activity?

 A campfire and singing around it if possible!

  1. Fav Manitoba Vacation spot? 

Riding Mountain National Park, I love it there.

  1. Fav Provincial Park?

 Birds Hill, hands down and it holds real sentimental value for me.

  1. Fav Winnipeg Park?

 Assiniboine Park. I love the nature conservancy.

  1. Fav nature documentary?

It’s too tough to pick!  I Love My Octopus Teacher and have a soft spot for Planet Earth.

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