Manigotagan River Photo Gallery now online

August 29, 2006
After 7 days of reasonably good weather and 100 kilometers of paddling, Manitoba Executive Director Ron Thiessen has returned from an expedition along the Manigotagan River.

Ron’s trip was in support of the Manitoba Eco-Network’s Manigotagan River Web-Based GIS Project. It’s all part of CPAWS efforts to put conservation and communities first in the huge boreal forests on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.

The Manitoba Eco-Network will undertake a total of three trips along the river to gather data. The trips’ written, photographic, and video documentation of campsites, picnic areas, historic sites, natural areas and wildlife will be used to create online resources and a published map dedicated to knowledgeable and responsible tourism on the Manigotagan River.

“The Manigotagan River is breathtakingly beautiful and a world-class example of how eco-tourism can help maintain wild places and boost local economies,” said Thiessen. “I look forward to protected status for all the rivers on the east side of Lake Winnipeg—Manitoba’s Big Wild!”

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