A map on the app treasure hunt app TurfHunt.

Explore the Interlake and Win Prizes with Treasure Hunt App

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Are you interested in exploring the natural beauty of Manitoba’s Interlake? We have a great series of treasure hunts that will help you get to know the Interlake. Plus, you have the chance to win prizes!

As part of the Fisher River Cree Nation (FRCN) Conservation Areas Initiative, FRCN and CPAWS Manitoba hosted three treasure hunts in July, August and September to encourage Manitobans to explore the Interlake and learn about the region. With the colder weather here to stay, we thought you might need a little extra push to get bundled up and get outside, so we reopened our treasure hunts!

Manitobans are realizing the value and importance of our parks and natural spaces more than ever. We want to help people respectfully and safely explore wild spaces in the province so we can learn more about the lands and waters and be inspired to protect them for future generations.

What You Need to Take Part

We are using the free TurfHunt app for each treasure hunt because it works even when there’s no cell phone reception and won’t drain your data. And it’s a great way to get your family out of the house and out into the wilderness.

All you need to do is download the game and then head out onto the land to find the location of the “treasures.” Each spot will have a simple challenge like taking a photo. You won’t know what it is until you get there.

TurfHunt is a location-based treasure hunt game that allows anyone to create and play treasure hunt games. The app brings the traditional paper- and map-based treasure hunt into the 21st century by using modern mobile and location technology.

TurfHunt is available for Apple’s iOS 10 or later and available on Android devices with version 4.3 or later. Devices must have some spare memory to operate effectively. Some devices and operating systems may function slightly differently. 

Remember to practice safe physical distancing and follow all public health orders.

Here are the invitation codes for each of the treasure hunts:

Fisher River: IWVVDA

Fisher River

Peguis First Nation: CTYPEL


Bifrost East: EPNCVP

Bifrost East

How to Participate

Ready to join the fun? Read below for the steps to get started. The TurfHunt app also takes you through the steps in a straightforward way. If you have any questions, email Outreach and Engagement Officer Neil Bailey [email protected] or FRCN Conservation Initiative Project Manager Liz Murdock [email protected]

You are welcome to take part with a friend, but you both must sign up using TurfHunt for entry into the contest.

Step 1: Download the App

Download the app on your mobile device at the links below:

Step 2: Find the Hunt via Invitation Code

Click the “Redeem Invitation” button at the bottom of the TurfHunt home screen (or from the menu). Enter the invitation code listed above for the hunt you want to participate in. This code will then install the correct hunt onto your device.

You may also scan the QR code at the start of this post (with the Turfhunt app, not your camera) to be directed to the hunt.

Step 3: Download the Treasure Hunt to Your Device

Once you have redeemed your invitation code, you will need to download the treasure hunt content to your phone.


Note: An internet connection is required only to download the app and the hunt you want to participate in. Once the treasure hunt has been downloaded to the device, you do not need an internet connection to participate. The location setting needs to be on in the TurfHunt app.

We require your name and email address (or an email address of your parent or caregiver) when signing in to TurfHunt. Your name will be visible on the treasure hunt leaderboard, and your email will be used only to contact you if you are a prize winner. Your personal information will not be shared in any other way.

Step 4: Start Hunting!

Once you’ve signed in to the game, you will be able to see all “treasures” that are part of the game. They will look like the image below.

As you get closer to the treasures, you’ll be able to see the challenges associated with them. Challenges may include taking photos, answering questions, drawing something, or other tasks.

Participants will receive points for discovering the treasures and additional points for completing challenges. TurfHunt will automatically track your score while you play, and participant scores will be listed on a public scoreboard. Visit as many locations on the map as you can, as those who find all the treasures will be entered to win some awesome prizes!

Contest Prizes

Our three Turfhunt activities will remain open until March 31, 2022. Each month, we will draw a name at random from our pool of active players, who will then receive a $25 Co-op gift card.

When you sign up for the treasure hunt through TurfHunt, you will enter your name and email address, which is how we will contact you if you are a prize winner. We may also contact you for feedback on the game and what you thought of it!

Rules and Regulations

Please read the full contest rules and regulations here.