Cross Canada Canoe Trek Makes a Stop at The Forks

July 23, 2011

Youth raise awareness about need to protect watersheds

A CPAWS and Trans CanEAUda event

The Forks, Winnipeg – A team of 8 young nature enthusiasts will be arriving by canoe
to The Forks Historic Port as part of a 7,000km trek that began in Ottawa this May. The
group, paddling in a northwesterly direction across the country, is attempting to reach
Inuvik, by early October 2011.

The Trans CanEAUda Project is an environmentally concerned group of bilingual current
or former University of Ottawa students who come from all across Canada. Their
backgrounds, interests, and canoeing experience vary, but they all share the same
concern of our world’s degrading water environments. Their trip, supported by the
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, hopes to raise awareness for conservation of
watersheds, areas of land that water flows across or through on its way to a particular
body of water.

“It is inspiring to have this group joining us in Manitoba to help relay the importance of
protecting watersheds,” said Ron Thiessen, executive Director of the Manitoba chapter
of the Canada Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). “Increased protection of our
province’s boreal forest region would go a long way in the fight to save Lake Winnipeg.”

Team is set to arrive:

Friday, July 22
The Forks Historic Port

Each of the eight paddlers will be available to answer questions.


For further information contact:
Chelsea Thomson
Coordinator, Marketing and Communications
Phone: 987-4374

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