Celebrating the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement

May 27, 2013

Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of the historic Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement (CBFA), originally signed by 9 environmental groups including CPAWS, and 24 forestry companies. We signed the agreement with the goal of working together with industry to find lasting solutions for protecting woodland caribou habitat and increasing sustainable forestry practices in Canada’s Boreal forest.

You may have heard in the news however that CPAWS and our fellow environmental groups in the CBFA have decided to no longer work with Resolute Forest Products, one of the largest signatory companies of the agreement. We  simply felt that after three years of effort, we could not make progress with this company.

We are however continuing to work  with progressive signatory companies on getting it right for nature – and ensuring a future for threatened woodland caribou in Canada’s boreal forest. And in many areas, we ARE making progress. From Newfoundland to Northeastern Ontario, to Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, we are working constructively with many forestry companies to develop long-term conservation and sustainable forestry plans. While we may have put down tools with one company, for CPAWS, the goals we signed onto are still very attainable. We remain committed to the important work to protect the Boreal forest.

We’ll keep you informed on our progress towards protecting our Boreal Forest and woodland caribou and what actions you can take in your region to help support these efforts.

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