180 Days in the Wild – a presentation in conjuction with the CPAWS Manitoba AGM


It’s been a wild ride navigating the conservation challenges and opportunities of a landscape as rich and varied as the Boreal in Manitoba. We are incredibly proud of the conservation successes that we couldn’t have achieved without the generosity and passion for wild nature that our supporters exude. That’s why we want you to join us on November 22nd for a celebration of our work and the wild landscapes of Manitoba that continue to inspire us all.

Know the North guest blog #3 – Start the Conservation Conversation!

MiraNews, Seal River

Whenever I head up into the far north it feels like I have gone back in time. For the most part the remote Canadian wilderness is the same now as it was a thousand years ago – eskers and drumlin fields dominate the landscape, and forests of black spruce and tamarack provide cover for the creatures that call this region home. It’s easy to think it will stay this way forever.