CPAWS MB speaks to youth on the Manigotagan River


In partnership with the Canadian Canoe Foundation, Paddle Manitoba and Northern Soul Wilderness Adventures , CPAWS Manitoba worked to provide an incredible wilderness experience for 7 enthusiastic youth participants. From July 9th-15th, these intrepid individuals learned, laughed, sweat through a one of Manitoba’s most pristine river canoe routes. 70 km through both Nopiming and Manigotagan River Provincial Parks, the group navigated a shifting landscape of dense moist Poplar and Elderberry, dry upland Jack Pine stands, endless stretches of wetland teeming with life and dozens of rapids and waterfalls. Focused on educating participants on the outstanding ecological significance of the Manigotagan River, the watershed, and the entire East Side of Lake Winnipeg, they were given a first-hand understanding of this region and the need to protect it.