Huge Manitoba Conserved Boreal Forest Achieves World Heritage Site Status

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CPAWS congratulates First Nations and the provincial government for their tremendous efforts in achieving a United Nations World Heritage Site on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. We also want to thank the thousands of Manitobans who expressed their support for the initiative, which includes large-scale conservation of our boreal forest ecosystem. CPAWS is honoured to have supported this journey over the 14 years it took to reach this goal.

Pimachiowin Aki setting the stage for critical change to World Heritage Site selection process


Shortcomings of the current UNESCO designation process to adequately assess sites nominated on the combined basis of cultural and natural heritage value was a topic of discussion at both the 38th session of the World Heritage Committee and at the 2014 World Parks Congress. Catalysed by the Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage bid, these discussions stand to acknowledge the value of the “indissoluble bonds between nature and culture: in indigenously managed sites all over the world. Read our blog post by Olivia Atkins to discover more about Pimachiowin Aki, the land that gives life.

To build or not to build?


The public debate has largely centered on the question of where do we erect a Bipole III major hydro transmission line – on the east or west side of the province? Now we are asking the most important questions, the ones we should have discussed first. To build or not to build? Is it good for Manitoba to construct Bipole III and the northern dams that would feed it?

Protecting the Bloodvein River


Bald eagles soar over Manitoba’s Bloodvein River and a forest of lichen-draped Jack pines and mattress-thick moss. Piloted by grinning guides who shout at one another in Ojibwa, our boats splash through a series of churning rapids en route to an ancient rock painting on a granite cliff.

Bipole 3 Debate


Drawing the Line: Social and Ethical Considerations in the Bipole III Debate Public Forum: Thursday, Sept 22, 1:00 – 2:30 Speakers will include: Lynne Fernandez (Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives), … Read More

The Majesty of Manitoba Preserved


The remote reserve of the Poplar River nation occupies a tiny cranny of the vast boreal forest that circles the Northern hemisphere like a verdant tonsure, stretching across Canada, Scandinavia, and Russia’s upper reaches. During summer, people and supplies access this small eastern Manitoba community by air or river barge. In winter, a temporary road carved from snow and ice leads to Poplar River. The Ojibwe who call this home have hunted and fished here for thousands of years.