Outdoor Education Program

Lesson 11: Middle-Senior Years Tree ID

Lesson Focus and Goals: Get your class outside exploring trees in the neighbourhood! Students will learn how to identify and make connections to these plant relatives. Using a jigsaw strategy, students will learn about a tree native to Manitoba then share their findings with small groups while learning about other trees!

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Materials Needed:

  • Clipboard
  • Pens/pencils (optional)
  • Attached lesson sheet for students
  • Computer or tablet to connect to the internet
  • Tree ID worksheet

Grade Level — Early Years:

Social Studies
  • Indigenous Teachings and worldviews
  • Living in Manitoba
  • Natural Resources
  • Habitats and communities
  • Diversity of living things
  • Interactions within ecosystems


After watching the tree identification video, students can find a tree in the neighbourhood or nearby park that they feel connected to. Take a few moments to sit with the tree. Ask students to reflect: How do you feel? What drew you to this particular tree? How would you describe the tree? Try to identify the tree.


Using a jigsaw method split students into 4 groups — Trembling Aspen, White Spruce, Cottonwood and Birch (or trees of your choosing). Students work together to answer the questions about their tree found on the next page.


Break students up into their expert groups. Have each student share their findings with their group members. If you can, take a neighbourhood class walk and see if students can identify some of the trees they just studied!


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