Water Justice: The Cost of Diverting Winnipeg’s Flood Water

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Water Justice: The Cost of Diverting Winnipeg’s Flood Water

August 4 2021

Climate change and a century of wetland drainage have put the city of Winnipeg at increased risk of flooding.

In response to devastating floods in 2011 and 2014, the provincial government has proposed the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin Outlet Channels Project (LMLSM) to divert flood waters away from Winnipeg and into another watershed.

But the proposed watershed area is home to First Nations, wildlife and aquatic habitats whose livelihoods are threatened by the project. And a review of the Environmental Impact Statement suggests local Indigenous groups were not adequately consulted in the process.

In this CPAWS webinar, biologist and director of the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective Daniel Gladu Kanu will discuss the issues with the outlet channels project and the risk it poses to ecosystems.

He will highlight the importance of species in the area, including muskrats and white fish, the incredible work of the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective, and what can be done to protect the watershed area.

About the Speaker:

Daniel Gladu Kanu is an Anishinaabe, Irish and Métis man from Animakee Wa Zhing. As a trained biologist, he has worked for the last 15 years to assist Indigenous peoples all around Turtle Island to reclaim our food, land and water self-determination. He has been fortunate to receive many humbling teachings from Indigenous elders and community members along the way.

About the Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective:

The Lake Winnipeg Indigenous Collective works collaboratively to seek healthy and equitable solutions for our waters and people from the diverse communities who have a relationship with our sacred great lake. The collective was established in 2014 by fourteen First Nations in partnership with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

Water Justice: The Cost of Diverting Winnipeg’s Flood Waters from CPAWS Manitoba on Vimeo.

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