The Health of Lake Winnipeg: How Community Science Helps Fight Algae Blooms


The Health of Lake Winnipeg: How Community Science Helps Fight Algae Blooms

June 30 2021

Harmful algal blooms have been increasing in size and frequency on Lake Winnipeg: contaminating beaches, reducing water quality, and damaging Manitoba’s fishing and tourism industries.

Find out how you can help improve the health of Lake Winnipeg in this free webinar hosted by CPAWS Manitoba.

Phosphorus is the nutrient responsible for blue-green algae blooms on Lake Winnipeg. It is a common ingredient in fertilizer and can also be found in wastewater.

Snow melts, floods and heavy rainfall are responsible for most of the phosphorus that is flushed off the land and carried into our waterways.

Chelsea Lobson, programs director at Lake Winnipeg Foundation, will speak about a community science project which helps to identify phosphorus hotspots in the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

The Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network (LWCBMN) deploys dozens of volunteers to collect water samples across Manitoba.

Because community scientists live, work or commute near their sampling sites, they can sample frequently in response to weather events and water conditions, generating critical data to inform research and policy.

With the help of watershed partners and citizen scientists, this long-term monitoring program is identifying phosphorus hotspots – localized areas that contribute higher amounts of phosphorus to waterways than other areas.

Targeting remedial action in hotspots will reduce the amount of phosphorus entering Manitoba’s lakes and rivers, and improve the health of Lake Winnipeg.

About the Speaker

Chelsea Lobson, program director for the Lake Winnipeg Foundation is responsible for the Lake Winnipeg Community-Based Monitoring Network. Chelsea has overseen the growth of LWCBMN since 2017, coordinating network activities, managing critical partnerships and overseeing lab and data analysis. Chelsea received her Master of Science from the University of Manitoba in 2018.

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