Resilient Roots: A Guided Walk of Manitoba’s Native Prairie Grass


Resilient Roots: A Guided Walk of Manitoba’s Native Prairie Grass

July 9 2023

Join us for a fascinating tour of the resilient plant life along the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail led by biologist John Morgan.

About this event

Embark on a fascinating journey through the remnant prairie grass along the Headingley Grand Trunk Trail, guided by passionate biologist John Morgan.

You’ll delve into the intriguing world of native prairie grasses, discover the reasons behind their alarming decline across North America, and learn what you can do to help protect the remaining 1%.

John Morgan will lead an in-depth tour of the plant life that calls this area home. Here, on the southern tip of Alboro Street in Headingley, lies a historical treasure discovered by the HGTT association in 2016 and subsequently recognized by Manitoba Conservation.

Miraculously, this stretch of prairie grass has endured the onslaught of development and the operation of the rail line from 1894 to 1972, along with the progressive growth of the Headingley community.

Rolling hills of native prairie grass once covered enormous swathes of not just the Manitoba landscape, but also vast expanses of North America. Today, sadly, less than 1% of this valuable and important natural landscape survives across the continent.

Join John Morgan as he takes you on a comprehensive and insightful tour. He will share his knowledge on the decline of prairie grasses across North America and guide us through what we can do to contribute to the protection of what remains. He will also provide a hands-on identification and learning of the various prairie plant species that flourish within this resilient ecosystem.

This guided walk will last approximately 1.5 hours. We’ll meet at the south end of Alboro Street in Headingley. Further details will be sent via email to those registered.


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