Grizzly Bears in Manitoba: What Do We Know?


Grizzly Bears in Manitoba: What Do We Know?

May 27 2022

Join us for a CPAWS Manitoba webinar to learn what wildlife researchers have discovered about grizzly bears in Manitoba.

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In northern Manitoba, grizzly bears are being observed with increasing frequency, particularly within Wapusk National Park. Of 133 confirmed sightings since 1980, more than 100 took place in the 2010s.

But little is known about the ecology or exact population status of this species in northern Manitoba.

Many range maps don’t show the area as being a historical grizzly bear range, and grizzlies remain listed as extirpated under Manitoba’s Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act (there is no evidence to date of an established breeding population in the province).

Join us for a CPAWS Manitoba webinar with Dr. Douglas Clark, PhD, Associate Professor at the University of Saskatchewan, whose team of wildlife experts investigated every suspected or confirmed grizzly sighting over the past four decades in Manitoba.

He’ll discuss what these sightings mean for northern communities and other wildlife in the area, why larger numbers of grizzlies are being spotted in Manitoba, and what it could mean for the future of the species in our province.

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About the Speaker

Douglas Clark has 25 years of northern research and environmental management experience, with 1/3 of that time spent living in Arctic and Sub-Arctic communities. His interdisciplinary research program seeks to integrate environmental conservation with human dignity, and he specializes in training northern and Indigenous graduate students. He is the world-leading scientific authority on polar bear-human conflicts and most recently co-authored multiple chapters of the Arctic Council’s Arctic Resilience Assessment. He is also adjunct faculty at Queen’s University and Yukon College.

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