Beginner Kayaking-Land Based Workshop


Beginner Kayaking-Land Based Workshop

June 25 2024

Join us for an exciting workshop aimed at getting people out and comfortable on the river! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned paddler, this event promises to be both educational and exhilarating.

Our workshop will feature a presentation and Q&A session where you can learn about paddle routes, techniques, and tips and tricks. In addition to the workshop activities, CPAWS Environmental Educator Carly Gray will share her insights on wildlife spotting and preserving shorelines with prairie plants.

We will meet at site 3 in Crescent Drive Park.

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About the Host:

Sandy Hudson, is the Founder of the Kayak Manitoba Facebook group and author of the upcoming paddling resource “(How to) Kayak Manitoba.”

Her almost 5000 members were the inspiration for her guidebook, featuring 40 Manitoba paddle routes, including those in the city and for beginners, wildlife sightings, launches, and amenities, gear, cold water paddling, kayaking alone, safety and aquatic invasive species, and more, making “(How to) Kayak Manitoba”, a comprehensive guide for all to enjoy!”

About CPAWS Manitoba:

CPAWS Manitoba has been instrumental in establishing 23 new parks and protected areas in our province. That’s an area larger than Lake Winnipeg at nearly 26,000 square kilometres. Our goal is to protect half of Manitoba’s lands and waters.

About the CPAWS Manitoba Nature Club

CPAWS Manitoba’s Nature Club is designed to help Manitobans get outside, make new friends and learn about the wonders of nature.

We’ve developed a wide range of programming and activities to help Manitobans of all ages and abilities enjoy the health and wellness benefits of nature.

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Safety Protocols

CPAWS Manitoba takes the safety of all program participants seriously.

All CPAWS Manitoba staff members have cleared a criminal record and vulnerable sector background check with the Winnipeg Police Department. We adhere to all public health recommendations and guidelines.

CPAWS policy requires that at least one person leading programming that may involve children must be certified in first aid. This applies to staff or to volunteers.

–This programming was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Winnipeg Foundation, The Conservation Trust, the Government of Manitoba, and TD Friends of the Environment fund.–

Help Keep Manitoba Wild


CPAWS Manitoba has helped establish 23 parks and protected areas thanks to people like you.

With your help, we can protect half our lands and waters for future generations of people and wildlife.